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The Outsider's Edge
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What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have in common that has led them to become extremely wealthy? Professional researcher Brent D Taylor puts the lives of seventeen of the world’s richest people under the microscope to discover the secrets to their incredible success.

All seventeen billionaires profiled in the Outsider’s Edge come from disparate backgrounds, work in different industries, have very different personalities and superficially appear to have different upbringings. Yet they have one important thing in common – they are all ‘outsiders’.

Their edge comes from being different, and is this difference combined with direction, drive and business intelligence that has propelled them to their extreme wealth.

By being outsiders, these people have an edge over the rest of the population. They see the world differently and react accordingly. The key to understanding their success lies in their past. What happened to them before they left school was the catalyst for their extreme performance.

It is easy to forget that, like us all, such rich and powerful people were once children. What happened to them before they left school is the key to understanding their success. Home life was often a trial and their academic performance mixed – some were brilliant, some were adequate and the remainder appalling.
In this fascinating book, discover how their outsider status has given these self-made billionaires the edge.