This top biography book shows high achievers become rich and famous because they have a Creative Edge to become rock stars, actors, scientists and artists.

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About the book

Brent D Taylor continues to explore why some people become famous and frequently rich by being creative. He explores what it is that makes a person creative and successful.

They all had character, personality and creativity.

In this fascinating book the lives of 17 cultural icons are explored to determine why they became how they got their creative edge. Taylor explores the icon’s experiences and qualities – from childhood trauma to sexual deviation, quirky behaviour to outright madness – to discover the roots of creativity. It explores the psychology of their character and achievement and provides a profile to help understand what makes the world's most famous outsiders tick.

Did they think they would become famous as an artist or become a writer or become a film star or become a rock star or become a famous sportsman or become a brilliant scientist? See that in the book.

In this book Taylor further develops his concept of outsiders – what shapes them and gives them their edge. The Creative Edge also includes 10 tips for aspiring cultural icons.


Britain's creative edge is at risk 3 November 2012 (perhaps they should get the book)

Nicholas Serota: Arts are vital to the UK economy. To downgrade their status in schools shows a dangerous lack of imagination (


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