Brent D Taylor is a respected social, market and financial researcher and over the past twenty five years Brent has provided advice to governments and large corporations. He was a director of KPMG for four years and ran KPMG’s Centre for Consumer Behaviour.

Brent has long been fascinated with extreme achievers and as a researcher he was constantly frustrated by the lack of explanation as to why extreme achievers are as they are. This was the catalyst for the long exploratory journey that has resulted in 'The Outsider’s Edge'.

As a researcher Brent is used to looking beyond conventional wisdom to find answers where others have tried and failed. In this case the explanation was in plain sight for all to see. Having discovered why self-made billionaires became so wealthy.

He has since extended this work to include cultural icons in 'The Creative Edge'.

Brent is currently researching and writing about high achieving generals in the American Civil War, World War I and World War II.